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Real Time Water Level Monitoring - Pipeline Services

Pipeline services Water Level monitoring system is an integrated, Real-Time remote water level monitoring system. The system has been designed to provide completely unmanned operations. Our latest technologies and innovative services have gained much support from PUB and construction companies.

Application Benefits:

• ATEX- Explosion Proof
• Fully Battery Operated
• Real-time water level Alert triggers SMS warning to assigned personnel using Singtel's network
• Leader in wireless
• No drilling required
• Installs inside the manhole
• 3 water level sensors
• Communicates to phone via GPRS
• PUB Personnel can be in the loop
• No manpower is required
• 100% rental - Weekly or Monthly terms
• Detailed reports provided by our specialist team

Sewer Manhole
Real-Time Water Monitoring

3 Level sensor Monitoring

Drain/Flow Water Level Real-Time Monitoring